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Lincoln "L" Technical Questions

Model L Timing Chain

Chris Wantuck


This is the story of two model L engines.

Engine #1 - Assembled in 2003 and has never run right since. Symptom: Lack of power, especially at higher RPM. Won't wind out (RPM). Points on right bank adjust to put R1 under the pointer. Points on left bank are at the maximum Retard and still is not enough to put R2 under the pointer (still too advanced).
Engine #2 - Assembled but not yet started (vehicle under restoration).

The pics are of both engines' flywheel and fan pulley. Is the timing chain off a tooth? The Vee in the flywheel is supposed to align with the mark on the timing chain cover, but how far away is still allowable? I'm posting this for comment as well as document for others on this topic.