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Lincoln "K" Parts or Cars Wanted

Accessories for 31 2-window Berline
William Seward
I'm looking for some stuff for my 31 Lincoln Berline, and would appreciate any leads. My shopping list includes the following:

Lincoln Lap Robe (reasonable condition)
Lincoln Sidemount rear view mirrors (driver quality - polishable but not perfect)
Lincoln Trunk (black - metal or leather, driver quality but for touring not concours)
Passenger Compartment footrest - I think these are the portable ones not the fixed rail type.
31 Lincoln Accessory Catalog - reprint is OK
Judkins Body parts book, for Model 213A (if such a thing even exists any more)
Pair of Black Sidemount Covers,used

If anyone has leads on these items or where one might look for them, it would be very helpful.

Bill Seward