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Lincoln "L" Technical Questions

Need new roller bearing for rear brake shaft on '2...
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Disassembled the brake and found the roller bearing intact. It is a loose fit on the cam shaft, which I thought odd. 
That one brake tends to grab, and i have backed off the adjustment nut on the pull rod so it only grabs on very hard braking.
When the wood spokes in the wheel were replaced, I suspect the wheelwright turned the hub parts relative to each other, as the drum seems to be slightly off center to the axle. 
Turn the drum? How to get the correct center-should be a 2.000 dia. mandrel through the 2 Timken bearings, right? Tricky to figure how to do that. Big vertical lathe?
Any suggestions?
Roller bearing on my '29 Lincoln is completely shot, or absent. Does anyone know of a modern replacement? Inner felt seal and retainer are gone, as well. This was discovered because left rear brake could not be adjusted correctly, since cam was floating...
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