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Lincoln "L" Technical Questions

Looking for speedometer drive info
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Thanks for the info. I have much to learn about Lincoln Ls. I may drain a couple quarts, to calibrate the 'sensor'.

and yes, its a float system
That looks like it shows full to me. The wire has a brass "platform" on the end and that should have a red glass ball sitting on it. The ball indicates the oil level. That being said, they do often get stuck during assembly of the oil pan and screen.
Here is a picture of the oil level window. Is this full or empty?


I just purchased a 1929 L with a modified boattail speedster body. I am looking for info on the oil level window on the left of the crank case. Mine shows no oil even when there are 10 quarts of oil in the sump. Is this a float system? Does it get stuck often? Is there an alternate method of checking oil level short of draining and refilling (done once already)?

Thanks, Tom
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