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Lincoln "L" Technical Questions

Looking for speedometer drive info
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I have the wiring harness covers and wire covers that are next to the distributor. I will look into the air cleaner trim, but this car will never be concours! I am also in need of a primer cup, having 7. It is an interesting looking driver and is looking for a little engineering to make it more usable. Originally (to me), it had the top canvas stapled to the back edge of the driver's compartment. I removed the top temporarily and like the speedster look, so I am trying to make the top more removable for future use. I have also reduced the thickness of the rumble seat back cushion to provide riders with more space. Its still tight, as the result of trying to squeeze two seats into a boattail rumble.
Thanks for the names. I will look into getting the speedo operational again.
I am also curious about what this car used to be. The front half including the doors, is aluminum. The rear is all steel. I didn't like the built-in trunk below the boattail, so I have removed it and re-faired this area.

contact chris Wantuck and get the trim ring for your air filter. He has reproduced these. When you are calling around for your speedometer drive ask about left and right wiring harness covers for the fire wall. You are also missing some of the clamps that hold the spark wire looms onto the engine. See if you can find some of those.
Your car is serial number 59984. I have always wanted to know what it used to be. I understand that the brass body type tag is missing from the car. It would have been nailed to the wood under the front seat. If you ever find that tag, please let us know what it says. The other option is to send the serial number to the henry ford museum and pay them to send you a copy of the build sheet for your car. We can then find out what that custom body was made from.

To answer your question- I dont think its a ford part. Ask Brian Harlamoff or Ray Theriault or Joe Rogers. You can look up their contact info in the membership directory of this website.
I just purchased a 1929 L with a modified boattail speedster body. I am looking for a speedometer drive gear and housing which mounts to the drive shaft torque tube (see picture) does anyone know if this came from a Ford parts bin (making it more likely to be available)?

Thanks, Tom

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