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Cylinder Head wanted
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I am not sure how much difference it would make, but I would encourage re-use of the original exhaust to intake heat tubes, or a hollow substitute, if possible. A solid substitute plug, as you suggest, would conduct more heat to the intake manifold than a hollow tube with heat flow blocked at the exhaust manifold port.
Just a thought.... Wishing you success
Al Rustad
Thanks Allan , your second idea is well worth looking into when I can get heads back home . I can machine up some dummy pipes from solid to help carb and fuel boiling issues . I will look to see exactly where crack is , but I believe manifold area, may need some 's' shaped welding rods !! Kind Regards. Tim
2 thoughts:
1)Lincoln L water pumps generate considerable flow and pressure. A restricted radiator may cause pressure buildup. Even a clean radiator requires good gaskets and a good seal at the radiator cap.
2) Leak may be in the intake manifold, as it carries water and exhaust gas as well as fuel mixture. With modern gasoline, the exhaust passage in the manifold is unnecessary, even detrimental, adding to heat load on the carburetor.  The exhaust passages into the intake manifold can be blocked by putting welsh plugs in the exhaust manifold ports. The little tubes that connect to the intake manifold can be put back in place without the seal rings, to maintain original appearance.

I am in need of a cylinder head for a 357 L motor, Engine runs fine but pressurises water, crack apparently is in manifold area. Does any knowledgeable person have a lead please? or a magic wand ! Thanks in anticipation Tim
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