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Lincoln "K" Technical Questions

1936 K Sedan owner's manual
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Hi Lew

Do you still have your '36 K 5 passenger sedan? I recently bought the same model and am restoring it. I have many questions----so please let me know if you still own it and perhaps we can share information??

Thanks for your consideration!
Thank you once again Mike, very helpful information! I'll reach out to Ernie on the heads as well.
Lew, Olson's Gaskets, in Washington state is the unparalelled supplier of gaskets for old Lincolns. They have ALL the patterns and the correct materials for successful sealing projects.

The beautiful aluminum cylinder heads used on the Lincoln K were susceptible to all kinds of corrosion attacks. If your engine has not had the cyiinder heads replaced, it probably needs them. Coolant loss and overheating are the most profound of the symptoms. My favorite machinist asked me several years ago to let him practice his aluminum welding techniques. Said he thouught he could repair the heads well enough to return them to service. After about 100 hours of sparetime melt and stick practice, he gave up. The etching that had occurred over the years in our '38 Willoughby had left the metal foil-thin in many places. LOC member Ernie Foster had several pair of heads left from his re-casting project and we bought a pair of them. The Willoughby straightened up and flew right ever since. I don't know if Ernie still has any heads but you can find hin listed in the FORK AND BLADE magazine. His heads are a serious investment, but are superior quality. You won't be disappointed. Be sure you get all the aluminum salts out of the water jackets in the cylinder blocks. They pile up inside and make hot spots where the coolant can't reach.

Although the coolant path thru the engine is easy to trace visually, you might find a diagram in the club project's Lincoln K Service Bulletin reprints. I have not seen the book for K's, but bought the series for the L and have utilized it heavily in restoring an early L just finishing up. Again be Sure and contact David Clement for a list of printed material he has available. You can order the Club's service Bulletin project from info in the FORK AND BLADE.
Q1) I have lots of seeping coolant leaks around various gaskets, can anyone suggest a good source of replacement gaskets other than me, a sheet of gasket material and an exacto knife?

Q2) Has anyone come across a good V12 (414) diagram of the cooling system operation/design?

Thanks Mike!
Member David Clement lists the most complete coverage of literature and manuals available for Lincoln L and K models by year. You can find him elsewhere in this forum. Telephone him. He is very helpful and knowledgeable. I feel certain he can dazzle you with the variety of his offerings.
I recently joined the club and am hoping someone can help me purchase an owners manual / shop manual for my '36 K 5 passenger sedan. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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